5 AM Club | Book Review

Do you want to join the most elite club?

“Early to bed, early to rise”, this is something that we have been taught from ages. The ‘5 am club’ by Robin Sharma clearly carves out a pathway and provides blueprints for achieving the same.

This book is very well written and strongly presents the idea of elevating life. It could be considered as a compilation of all of the author’s teaching. It contains various types of charts, diagrams, and tables for better understanding and it actually saves a lot of time while reading

The author speaks about a lot many elements other than waking up in the morning. Along with all the techniques for achieving glorifying, tranquil, and fortunate future, author very beautifully draws the attention of readers towards basic slips of dad to day activities. It talks about repercussions of addiction to technology and how we miss spend our precious time surfing on the internet “Life is too short to play small with your talent”

The book would have been more enjoyable for me if there was no mixing of attributes of fiction to that of a self-help book. I would recommend this book to everyone who is trying to inculcate new helpful habits and want to change the perspective of their living

Rating: 4/5

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