A girl to remember

Do you believe that Confession is the biggest punishment??

This is the story of Neel, who is a slave of his own body and desire and equates every relation with his own benefits. It’s a well-narrated story with strong characters that tries to convey that –

“In every angel, a demon hides
and in every demon, an angel strides”

Author Ajay k Pandey (Srishti Publications) has very beautifully penned down every emotion in a fluent and understandable language. The protagonist, Pihu, is a seven year old girl, full of life and knows to love selflessly. She trusts the illogical stories of her mother Anu and believes that Neel is her angel who will take away all of her worries. Neel is a self-centered and emotionless man who doesn’t even know how to value his own family and relations. He thinks of himself in the first place

I really loved the way story unfolds and brings out the emotions of love, care, gratitude, and self-realization. This story will make you believe that “Confession is the best punishment”. I enjoyed reading the in-between chapters where Neel’s mother, Anu, and Aarav (Neel’s best friend) share their perspective on the story as these were the set of people closely connected to Neel.

I would recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a light and happy yet valuable read

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