ELLA – Book Review

“Ella” is the first book of the series, “The land of the four” put down by author Samantha Evans

It’s a fantasy book that revolves around the lives of protagonist prince Liam, his lady loves Anna, his brother Cullen and the silvery, fire emitting dragon, Ella. Liam, prince of Darzeli is a shy and sensitive personality who doesn’t believe in his father’s thought of hunting beautiful creatures to exhibit his power and honor. He decided to take the responsibility of Ella after the death of her mother because of the insensitive believes of Liam’s father. His sweetheart, Anna was always by his side supporting and motivating him. It is an adventurous story of a reserved and soft-hearted prince becoming a more courageous, responsible and valorous king who believes in peace, positivity and happiness

The author has written the story in such an intelligible manner that it grabbed my attention from the very beginning.
Also, the characters were described so beautifully and in detail that I could actually imagine all of them while reading the book. The experience was nothing less than watching a fantasy movie or a play. All the emotions of love, hatred, sorrow, grief, fear, and friendship were penned down very elegantly. Because of the lucid language used by the author, it was very easy to stay connected with each part of the book. Can’t wait to read other books of the series too.

I would highly recommend this book if:-
1. You are a fantasy book lover
2. You are looking for a small and happy read
3. You are a beginner and want to start with an exciting yet easy book to connect with
4. You love dragons, of course 😉

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