Men & Dreams in Dhauladhar

The plot of this book is set up around the Dhauladhar mountain range and is full of twists. This one is the debut work of the author and it is simply fantastic. The main characters Nanda, Khusru, and Rekha are stuck between their turbulent past and bearing the fear of consequences of their decisions in the past. There is a lot to learn from these three characters

Story starts with Nanda arriving at Dhauladhar as he has been appointed as an engineer on the hydroelectric project. How he deals with all the challenges of working and living in mountain ranges along with keeping his past life and family a complete secret is a delight to read and explore. Then comes the character Khusru, completely flawed yet with an interesting past and story to hook you up. Rekha on the other hand is a classical Kathak dancer with a degree of medical science. She was brought up and taken care of by her grandmother and she is in the search of a man who can make her heart dance on ‘dha dhin dhin na’ beats and whom she can love and worship for the rest of her life

The writing style of the author is lucid and that makes this book easy to understand. You might find yourself lost sometimes between so many characters but as the story proceeds everything will start falling at the place and making sense together.
Since this book is based in India and carried the essence of it very well as the author has very beautifully used local Indian words. The weather and location in mountain ranges are so creatively described in the book that you’ll get an actual insight into how life in mountains are

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Ratings: 4.3 /5

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