Skeins – Book Review

“Skeins” is a fictional novel written by author Richa Gupta that explores some serious issues regarding women such as the importance of financial independence, old age forsaken, broken marriage, broken family, and so on. This book talks about women and their grappling life journeys

Story starts with 15 Indian women of age 25 to 67 traveling for the trip to Spain and Portugal organized by a travel company ‘Beinz’. Kakoli being the group coordinator is in charge of all the arrangements.
All women belong to different classes and cultures having unique individual journeys and struggles, excited for their next 12 days trip, totally unaware of the fact that how this expedition and companionship of fellow travel mates is going to affect their lives.

The author truly did justice to the title of the book SKEINS that means “length of threads loosely coiled and knotted” as the description and story of all the 16 women including the trip coordinator were delicately entwined with each other.

This is a story of womanhood, their long-standing struggle in our Indian society, their sacrifices, reservations, guilt, fear, loss, self-realization, success, and fame. It talks about how these independent characters supported each and everyone in their unique journey to fly higher with brighter colors.

I was skeptical in the beginning that it can be related to pseudo feminism or those typical kitty party talks, but to my surprise, this book astoundingly talked about different perspectives of a women’s life, their failure, and success. Since all the characters were different in their attributes and age, every reader can connect to at least one of them. The author very smoothly built all the characters to avoid any confusion for the readers and the narration was fast-paced with all the twists and turns intact to impel readers to keep on turning pages. I will recommend this book to everyone women out there as well as men if they want to understand women more.

Rating: 4.5 /5

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