The fragile thread of hope

“The Fragile Thread of Hope” is the debut novel of author Pankaj Giri and it’s brilliant being his first one. It’s contemporary fiction. This is a manifestation of love, loss, regret, rejection, and hope. The title and cover did justice to the plot of the book. Soham and Fiona are protagonists dealing with the roller coaster of emotions as a repercussion of tragic life events.
Will Soham and Fiona be able to survive the grief?
Will they be able to cling to the fragile thread of hope?

Story starts with Fiona remembering her devastating childhood and then returning back to present being thankful to be with her beloved. She is at peace with her life now. On the other hand, the catastrophic death of Soham’s elder brother has made an irreplaceable void. He is not able to accept the fact that his support system is no more around him. Despite this grief Soham managed to shape his career as an engineer in Banglore. Fiona and Soham might have thought that they are done with destiny being harsh to them but it’s not over yet

I enjoyed reading this book. The plot of the book is so impactful that it will compel you to keep on turning pages till the end. I almost cried at a few instances, it felt like the author has poured out all of his emotions while writing this book. My heart ached for Soham and Fiona. As this story is majorly set up in Gangtok, author has very beautifully described the mesmerizing mountains and local traditions out there. I did feel like the character of Soham and Fiona was too gloomy and dull at times but I guess that was somewhere the demand of storyline and few incidents were too descriptive which could have been cut short but that can be ignored. Overall a lovely read

I would highly recommend this book to everyone to experience the intense and emotional journey of loss and hope

Rating: 4.7/ 5

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