What if rainbows were your shadows??

This book is a collection of poems by author Anusha Veluswamy and is divided into three parts

The first part is ‘Unspoken prayers’ and is all about nature, written so gracefully depicting poetry in it’s purest form. It talks about lands and rivers, rain and sunshine – a surreal description of our mother nature. Being this as a debut work of the author, it is estimable.
There is one particular poem related to dream catchers and I was in awe of how metaphorically author has presented the beauty and perspective of dream catchers

The second part is ‘A tribe of warriors’ that says about motherhood, pregnancy, miscarriage, and parenting, and it’s my personal favorite. While moving forward with each and every word my heart felt heavy. I could sense the agony of losing 9 months of hope, the torment of being deprived of love and warmth of your newborn. It’s magical how author has penned down the uneasiness, inconvenience, loneliness, and fear that comes hand in hand with the “good-news” and what all a mother has to bear to bring that new life on earth. Indeed she is a warrior

The third part is “what if Rainbows were your Shadows?” and mainly about love, heartbreak, self-love, and other things relatable. I was impatient to read this so as to explore from where did this masterpiece got Its title. But it turned out to be a disappointment for me. Maybe I expected too much!

You’re going to love this book if.
– You love reading some short poetries
– You like meaningful poetries instead of cliche ones
– You are looking for an easy read with strong language and valuable content

You might not end up liking it if you face problem while reading poetries with metaphors

Overall it was a wonderful book with oh so beautiful cover and so many learnings for takeaways. I would recommend this book to everyone out there.

Rating: 4 /5

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