Red Flag

“Red Flag” by Maxi James Carter is YA fiction and the first book in Ricochet series. This is the story of Edie and her friends. Edie always knew about her attraction for shiny and sparkling objects. Her love for Shiny objects and hide and seek helped her a lot in her jewel thief career. Edie and her friends, with some amazing kick-ass ideas, continue on their fun adventurous journey. But, what is someday luck is not in their favor?? How long destiny is going to support Edie on this fun yet risky adventure??

Story starts with the introduction of Edie and gradually all the other characters of the story. It was 250+ pages read, clearly, a novella, and I was amazed by the way the author has described the plot and the characters in so much detail. There was no loophole when it comes to detailed narration. Everything was on point, nothing less, nothing more. Whole book is divided into small chapters and after reading one chapter author made sure that you crave for reading another, then another, and keep ongoing.

I personally loved the character of Edie a lot, she was a perfect badass girl, who clearly knows what she is doing and why. She is confident, intellectual and is a sweetheart. For her age is just a number and you can clearly get a glimpse of it from her dressing sense and her crazy hair colors.

There are so many characters in the book and the plot is also full of twists and turns but the writing style of the author is so lucid that you would not lose the story at any point. This book is surely going to make you hook. Readers can connect themselves to either of the characters for sure because there are many and they all are different from one another.

You would love to read this book:-

  • If you are a sucker for YA fiction
  • You like stories with strong female characters
  • You love reading plots that are engrossing and full of suspense
  • You are looking for something fresh and amazing to read


Rating:  4.3 / 5

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