The art of Healing

“Have you ever lost someone that you believed to last forever??”

Healing is a process that takes its own time and way to provide you peace. Process varies from person to person. Few choose to seek out for help while others let the time itself to heal them. It is rightly said that time does heal everything, we just have to believe in the process.

‘The Art of Healing’ is a very personal and raw piece of writing that helped the author, Natalie Lopez to vent out everything that was going on in her thoughts and life after losing the significant other. It is a collection of poems, few diary entries, and short letters. This is definitely not a self-help book that provides you with the steps and process of healing but it’s an account of the author’s personal journey towards healing herself.

The book is divided into three parts, but is a very short read. Every part is written with all hearts and the intention to heal oneself and others as well. I have never experienced anything like this in person, neither do I want to, but while reading this book I can feel that pain in my heart and a lump in my throat. I always feel sad and hurt when my favorite fictional character dies, but reading something like this when it is not a fictional work made me cry. It took me more than a day to finally form an opinion on this book, that pain was so real. The letters and poems are so personal that I actually felt I am sitting beside the author throughout the time while she is narrating this to me.

“From a storm I was born
Therefore I don’t blame you for the pain
I’ve already survived
thunder, lightning, and rain”

You can relate to each and every word of this book if you have an experience of losing someone special because author has written everything directly from the heart, without making it any fancy. She is clearly not seeking anyone acceptance but definitely wants the world to know that healing is something very personal and that everyone deserves to get free from any regrets or guilt of past and should be given at least one chance to pull themselves out from that grief.

This book will help readers to understand that nothing in this world is forever and everything comes with an expiry date. One thing that we should not forget ever is that life is a beautiful journey and we should live it to the fullest, being grateful for everything that we have and accept everything that we loose on our way, never taking anything or anyone for granted.

I will recommend this book:-

  • If you are looking for a book with easy language
  • You like reading short letters and poems
  • You admire reading about pain and healing
  • You are dealing with similar grief (This book might give you some positivity to do that comeback, as sometimes it’s better to learn from others experiences rather than doing a trial and error)


Rating: 4.3 / 5

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