Red March

“Red March” is the story of Kamala. Kamala has suffered a lot in the past few years. She served in the Army as a combat medic, got married, lost her husband in war within a few months of having a child. She was trying to find her solace amongst all this trauma that life delivered her. Eventually, Kamala decided to follow her childhood passion of becoming a published author. She left for Kennebunkport, Maine from a small town in Texas with her four-year-old daughter. She started working there as an editor assistant in one of the publishing houses to get an insight into how this industry works as it is going to help her a lot in publishing her own dream. Everything was going fine and usual and before she could have realized, her world was going to turn upside down. Kam fells head over heel in love with one guy named, Rian. He was smart, handsome, and a famous published author. Her love was all romantic, exciting, and thrilling until it ceases to exist.


Story starts with all the grieves that Kamala was going through and how she overpowered them and took a stand for herself by deciding to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a published author. She had her little daughter to take care of and practically no idea of the career path she was choosing. She just had that urge of writing inside her and she knew that she would do wonders someday. Everything was going smoothly at her work as an editor assistance. She was learning all the technicalities of this industry and was determined to use all of them while fulfilling her dream. One fine day she met Rian in office and eventually they both fell in love. It’s interesting to explore what would happen to Kamala dreams now?? Would she be able to fulfill them?? How would be her love life with Rian??

To get the answers, go grab your book


Talking about the writing style of author Karmin Walker, it was very lucid and impactful. Though being from the romance genre, Red March is not that cliché romance stories. This book very powerfully depicts the circumstances where one has to choose or balance out between love and self-respect. Character development was on point and the narration astounding and awe-inspiring. The message that this book contains was delivered very beautifully and in a poised manner. I personally enjoyed reading this book a lot and I would definitely recommend this one.


Why you should pick this book up:-

  • Romance genre is something that excites you.
  • You admire reading books with important message told in a very simple story narration style.
  • You love reading books with strong female protagonists.
  • You are a beginner and looking for a good book in this particular genre.


Rating: 4.5 / 5

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