Blood Brothers

Blood brothers is the second book in the series “The land of the four” by Samantha Evans. This book is determined to thrill you with the return of black magic and evil in a much menacing form. This is a fantasy novel and will take you to land of Darzeli where King Liam will fight against the evil and negativity to bring back the happiness and prosperity of his kingdom and family

The first book of the series ‘Ella’ ended with Liam fighting with Atlin (the evil) and saving his kingdom and family. He got married to his lady love Anna and has a beautifully gorgeous daughter Daina. Liam imprisoned his younger brother Cullen for supporting and taking the side of evil. This made me think that the title ‘Blood brothers’ will bring the revenge of rebellious Cullen from King Liam. I was surprised and shocked at the same time that this book got Its title from Atlin needing the blood of his own beloved brother for improvising his black powers. That was the moment after which the book forced me to turn pages until I was done reading it. It has everything, right from the return of an evil, a helping witch, one dragon without wich the adventure of Liam would be impossible and a lots of drama, fear and thrill

I was amazed at how much this second book in the series is improved from the first one. Right from the writing style of the author to character building. The plot was brilliantly created to hook up the readers till the end. My personal favorite of this book is how dreadfully author has created the character of Atlin, way more powerful and horrifying than before, capable of actually sending chills in your spines

You will love this book if:-
1. You love reading fast-paced storylines.
2. You love reading books that are a balance of character development and plot development
3. You are looking for a short but powerful and thrilling read.

You might not end up liking it:-
– You don’t like reading about something that’s not related to reality.
– You like reading detailed books.

I am surely recommending this book.

Rating: 5/ 5

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