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Recently I got this opportunity to have a candid conversation with Karen A Miles, author of the book “Torn Between”. Over the chat, she shared a few things about the book and herself, her journey with her book, her passion for writing. She has some wonderful advice for upcoming writers.

“Torn Between” written by author Karen A Miles, is the story of a simple girl, who loved her boyfriend with all her heart but what she received in return was heart-breaking. 

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So, let’s start with the fun conversation and know more about our pretty author 🙂

Hello Karen! First of all, I cordially welcome you at my place. Please have a seat (virtually).

So, let’s begin with the chit-chat. Tell us something about you and your book.

My name is Karen A. Miles. I am a 52-year-old English woman currently living in Barcelona. I am the proud mother to 3 amazing kids and when I’m not writing I teach English professionally. I have spent 32 out of my 52 years living abroad, which is an incredible blessing. It’s not easy juggling writing, teaching, and above all being a single mother. My children have always been my priority, but now two of them are in their mid-twenties they are independent, so it’s a little easier. I am incredibly lucky to have a job that I love, so that helps a lot, and I write when I feel inspired, and have the time, so not as often as I’d like. Torn between is my first novel and very important to me personally.


Being a debut work, ‘Torn Between’ is really awesome. From where did you get the idea of this plot??

Torn Between is semi-autobiographical. It’s based on some of my experiences of living in Singapore when I was 19. It’s not all true, but a lot of things are. I keep which is which a closely guarded secret and prefer the reader to try and guess.


Wow! Now that sounds interesting.

I am really curious to know this, was there any reservations inside you regarding this book, as this genre and plot is not everyone’s cup of tea?

Honestly, no, not really. I know it’s classed as Erotic fiction but there are only about 5 or 6 chapters which contain erotic material. These episodes are important in order to understand the psyche of the main character, Melissa, and not just an excuse for some controversial, risque writing.


Yes, I agree. So, Did you face any rejections for this book?

Yes of course. I don’t know any author who hasn’t been rejected at some time or another. The important thing is not to let it get to you. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else believes in you.


Now here is a piece of advice from our author to all the newbie writers.

Ok! So moving to our next question. Do you read your book reviews? How do you feel about bad reviews and how do you deal with them?

Luckily I haven’t had many, most have been generally positive. But I feel about my book a bit like I feel about my children. I can criticize them but I don’t like it if anyone else does… 😁


Aww! That’s so sweet.

Well, we all are aware of the current scenario. No outings, No parties, no shopping, we all are stuck inside. How are you spending your time nowadays amidst this pandemic??

Like everyone, just trying to stay safe and positive. I used a lot of the total lockdown that we had here in Barcelona, 15 weeks in total, to re-edit the book and tweaked it a little. I’m happy with the result.


That’s impressive! With that, I really want to know what are the other things that you enjoy doing, apart from reading or writing?

My hobbies are swimming, taking long walks, especially along the beach here in Barcelona and listening to music. I always have music playing at home. I also love to spend time with my children, but recently due to travel restrictions, has been difficult.


Swimming reminded me of Mel from ‘Torn Between’ 😉

Well, are you working on any other project nowadays? Do you want to share something about that??

As anyone who has read Torn Between knows, the ending is not expected. I have been working on a sequel which I hope to publish in the Autumn. I also have another project in mind which is totally separate from Torn Between.
We’ll see……. .


Oh wow! eagerly waiting for the sequel to see Mel again. Probably more stronger than before.

With that, we arrived at the end of our conversation but before that, do you wanna say something to your readers??

First of all, I want to say a very big thank you to anyone who has bought and read Torn Between. I hope that you enjoyed it. I wrote it as a way of healing a lot of wounds that I had from things that have happened to me in my life but the fact that it has turned into a novel which people are genuinely enjoying is just such a great bonus.
I really enjoy getting readers comments on my Instagram page about what they would like to happen in the sequel. Some ideas have been interesting, and I am taking them into consideration as I’m writing it. So please send them to me.


So, now we have to say goodbye to Karen.
It was really a fun conversation and thankyou for your precious time. Wish you all the luck for your book.


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We’ll meet with another blog post, until then bye and take care fam.

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