Fluid – Be more than what you’re taught to be


It was well said by Robert Greene –

“The future belongs to groups that are fluid, fast and non-linear”

We all read books. Few of us read it regularly as a part of their habit and others as per their desire. But for everyone, there is that one book that will leave you ignited with the craving to learn more and explore more. That will be life-changing and will change your perceptions regarding certain significant life factors. ‘Fluid’, written by Ashish Jaiswal is one such thought-provoking book that will leave its readers more enlightened and educated about fluidity and multidisciplinary approach.



Before picking up this book I was really attracted to it by the title “Fluid”. I am a sucker for self- help books and non-fiction and was impatient to explore what this book has to offer. I picked up this book around 20 days back and started reading. I was taken aback by reading the content page. ‘Let’s start with Malvina Reynolds’ was written on the top. I heard about her for the very first time when I was learning guitar. As few of her songs are really simple to play on guitar, those were taught to the beginners. As I was reading that, I was surprised by the fact that Malvina Reynold was not only a musician but, had a Ph.D., was a social worker, ran a tailor’s shop, and worked at a bomb factory.


Malvina Reynold was someone who believed in an interdisciplinary approach. The author has quoted examples of many such interdisciplinary masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, gates, and many more that are presented as proof for what author is trying to convey through this book. We people nowadays are working on such rigid models, let it be educational institutions, multinational companies, small businesses, start-ups, etc. We are always so eager to put boundaries around our thoughts and fear to let our minds free.



Sharing a few of my favorites from the book –

“A view from inside of our comfort zones threatens to turn us into machines. It takes away our ability to indulge in uncertainty and in turn infuses us with the tendency to mimic”


“The more we mimic, the more machine-like we become.

I argue that the inquisitive, the explorers, the risk-takers are in a better position to face redundancy or unexpected turns in their career than those who use mimicking as a strategy”


“It’s only when one pierces the boundaries of identity, race, religion. Colour and country that true learning can happen”



The fluid narration of author and the creation of fictional characters and stories to explain the concepts of this book more clearly made this a wonderful read. This book is backed up with all related facts and figures that are required to convince the readers that now when there is artificial intelligence, crypto, and similar things being invented in the world, it is not the time to pack ourselves in a box and put boundaries around our learning. Nowadays even businesses have started integrating all of their business processes right from procurement to production to Human resources and even customer services then why can’t we free ourselves from the division of Science, Commerce, and Arts. Due to some fortunate events in my life, I got to witness the very smaller version of fluidity when being from science stream I pursue my career in commerce background. Along with that, I can proudly say that I love music and playing guitar, I like doodling and lettering, I read books and write my heart out on papers and crave to learn more and more every day.


I would highly recommend you guys to read this book at least once in your lifetime. It’s such a refreshing read for students, parents, artists, employees, and everyone who is willing to create their own path of success. Every millennial should definitely read this book.


Thankyou for sticking through the end

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