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Welcome back to another episode of Author interview. Today we have Kristen K Fisher with us, author of ‘The Quantum Cartographer’. So without wasting any further moment, let’s quickly start the chit-chat…..


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Hello Kristen! We cordially welcome you here. So, tell us something about your book ‘The Quantum Cartographer’

The story centers around a former scientist named Eliza Carrefour who worked for a multinational tech company called Holifax Industries. Eliza defected after she discovered some dark secrets about the company’s dealings and went into hiding with her young son, Nija who is of particular interest to her former employers. They believe that Nija’s destiny is written in a very sacred and ancient book called “The Book of Cruxes,” and they are willing to go to great lengths to apprehend him. Both in the present, and the past.

The Quantum Cartographer is a story that centers around a former scientist turned fugitive named Eliza. She went into hiding too.


Wow! The plot sounds really intriguing. Well, what inspired you to write this book?

I had this idea to blend time travel and reincarnation. I wanted to explore the idea that reincarnation itself could be a form of time travel, in that, a soul could return at any point in time and even reincarnate into the past. I wanted to use familiar concepts but reveal them in unexpected ways. I was just really in love with the idea of creating a story that was like mythology in a sense, wherein, it could be viewed and understood in a multitude of ways. Every detail has meaning. Nothing is arbitrarily placed. Time is an illusion, and I really wanted to show that and use it to create what I call, this “beautiful confusion” within the reader. If events that take place in the future seem to inspire events that took place in the past, which came first?


Woah! Readers that’s a tough question for you guys.

So Kristen, Did you face any obstacle or challenges while writing this book?

Tying certain events together in the story definitely proved challenging at times. But what I learned to do was “keep calm” and “keep writing.” There’s a chapter in the book called “The Purification” that was originally much different than it is now. I wanted to give it more of a cinematic feel but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Then, one day while I was writing a different chapter in the book the idea came to me. I decided to separate parts of the character Aligos’s speech with an action sequence from a totally different scene. I think the effect worked well and it’s a chapter I’m really proud of. It’s actually the most exciting part of writing a novel, finding and discovering new ideas. Some things you have to “earn” when it comes to writing. Write more and the story will give you more. It begins to speak to you.


Now your readers will love to know this. What do you enjoy doing apart from reading or writing??

When I’m not writing or reading I enjoy, gaming, drawing with the S pen on my Galaxy Note 9, meditating, engaging in random acts of kindness. I enjoy anything inspirational. I’m just obsessed with art and creativity and being inspired to create things that might inspire someone else to create something.




I can now sense why this book of yours is such a masterpiece of creative thinking. So, why don’t you share something about your future projects?

Readers will love to get a sneak peek 😉

I am currently working on two science fiction novels I’m really excited about. One is a sort of urban post-apocalyptic and the other is more “intergalactic mystery.” Hopefully one will be available early next year. The only other thing I can say about them is … There will be machines and gateways to other worlds.


Wow! That’s good news. Eagerly waiting for reading more such masterpieces from you.

So to end this fun conversation, this is my last question. What advice would you like to share with your readers??

Keep writing fellow storytellers! I think we have a tendency as writers to feel as if we have to have it all planned out and write the greatest story ever told on the first draft or we have some form of writer’s block. But in fact, writing can be more akin to an excavation process rather than a performance art. We have the luxury of doing “not quite the right thing” and editing and perfecting until it is the right thing. Just get it out. Fix it later. No one will ever know 😉


This one is really the most practical advice for the budding writers and storytellers. Keep going guys.

Thank you so much Kristen for your precious time. We wish you all the luck for your book.



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