Chasing Stomach Butterflies

“She turned her can’t into cans and her dreams into plans”

The journey of Natalie can be summarised in the above quote. She is young and talented and most of the time one can found her around her books and notes. She almost dedicates all of her time into studies and kind of uninterested in engaging in any other activities. She has a perfect time table for studies as well which she dedicatedly follows. Isn’t Natalie sounding like those perfect students who used to be teachers favorite for their devotion towards academics?


‘Chasing Stomach Butterflies’ by Gregory Muller. It is a short book (around 70 pages) narrating the story of a young girl and her struggles for chasing her dreams. The girl is none other than our perfect student, Natalie. After being so committed to her academics and performing well, Natalie can still sense a void in her life. She was not satisfied or content with what she was doing. She can feel that discontent but could not outline any particular reason for that. One fine day, a counselor suggested her to pursue any side activity apart from academics. This will help her freshen up her mind so that she can be more productive and active in what she is doing. Since Natalie’s voice was amazing, the counselor told her to start indulging in music and singing. Gradually she realized that she loved to sing and enjoyed it thoroughly but had to give up on it because of the expectations of her parents for performing well in academics. Natalie gathered all of her courage and decided to confront her parents regarding her interest in singing. Will they consider her love for music??


Gregory wrote this very inspirational story that too in a very comprehensive manner. There were only a few characters in the story and the narration was also on point to keep the story simple and short. This book will help you understand the dreaming alone will not get your desires fulfilled. There is going to be a trail of struggles to accomplish your dreams. Dreams are only meant to show you the direction. Also, I feel like the author has touched a very important and relevant topic via this book. Every parent should encourage their children to have at least one activity or hobby apart from academics. That actually helps children in being more creative, active, and enthusiastic.


There were a few things that didn’t work for me. First of all the events happening in this story were kind of predictable for me. Secondly, I felt like a little bit more character development and plot development would not have done any harm.

Apart from this, the book was a wonderful read and I would recommend this book to everyone if you want a light, short and inspirational read. I would specifically recommend this book to beginners because of the lucid language and short length of the book.


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