Marigold – The Golden Memories

“A short story is the literature of the nomad” 

– John Cheever

The above line holds its authenticity in itself. Short stories are like those meditation practices that help you to leave your anxiety and tiredness of novels. It will provide you with the overlook of the whole world while refreshing your mind and thoughts at the backend.


I have recently read Marigold – The golden memories by Manali Debroy and this is definitely going to be one my top recommended short stories books. The cover, prologue, every story, writing style, and everything that this book holds inside it is marvelous.


The first story starts with a small, witty, and intriguing introduction of characters and conveys all the true feelings of love. The love that is pure and knows nothing apart from the warmth and charm it has. The next story is all about hardships and trust. Another one is a horror story and then there is this story of ambitions and inspirations. This book will tell you how beautiful love is, and then teach you that nothing lasts forever. This will say about all the hustles to achieve your dreams but at the same time asks you to value each and every relationship in your life. You will be dumbstruck by the morals and values this book can impart to you. Never judge a book by its number of pages.


Sharing a few of my favorite lines from the book below to give you an insight into what I just said:-

Acceptance has become reluctance, and want has become predominant over other emotions.


Sometimes you lose the reason to expect. Sometimes you lose the trust in your expectation. Sometimes the want of expecting hollows you from inside. But still, you never stop loving!


What happens when one embraces death and leaves the other in the ocean of life to struggle alone and strive for living all alone. Does ‘Happily ever after’ go till eternity?


Never be ashamed of anything you did in life because at that very moment, it was the exact that you needed to do. Be proud and work towards achieving your dreams. ‘Universe only helps those who help themselves’


That is the beauty of this book. This book will come as a surprise to you and will leave you haunting with so many unanswered questions. You will crave and cry at the same time for the stories to continue. You will want to demand answers to those question marks from the characters but they’ll vanish. At one moment you will find yourself deeply engrossed in the plot and the very next moment you will find yourself flipping the last pages of the story. This book will tease you and please you at the same time.


The writing style of Manali is fantabulous. She somehow uses the right words to say just the right things. Fluent and expressive sentences with a good vocabulary will keep you hooked till the last page. There was nothing more and nothing less with the stories. Everything was on the point.

You should definitely read this book if-.

➡️ You are new to reading books and afraid of trying your hands on big fat books.

➡️ You are a bibliophile and want to come out of a reading slump or just looking for a refreshing read in between those long series or lots of review copies.

➡️ You love to read books but can’t do it because of time constraints. This is book is perfect for you because every story is independent and short. You can start with any story as per your time or mood. Great, right !!

➡️ You are looking for a short yet valuable read, with relatable stories that will give you an insight into various real-life situations with something to take away from every story.



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