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“Baby on Board” is the story of a mother’s journey right from the thought of entering the phase of ‘motherhood’ to actually holding the baby in her arms. Isn’t it surreal? It surely is. Sonia shared her journey of being a mother from starting to end, with all minute details and thrashing all the irrelevant myths related to pregnancy. This book presents the unaltered feelings of a mother, her fear and anxieties, and of course the hidden excitement and happiness behind all these chaotic feelings.


Have you heard the word ‘Takophobia’ before? I would really like to thank Sonia for introducing all of us with this particular term which means – fear of childbirth. We have seen all the movies and web series illustrating pregnancy as oh so happy and cheerful phase of a woman’s life. It is of course, but apart from that, there are hell lot of mental and physical changes that are seriously not easy for a woman to undergo. That too when almost half of the mothers or mother-to-be are not even aware of what’s good and what’s bad for them or their baby. Miscarriages an abnormality in a child can be because of some genetic reason or any medical complications. But, one major reason can be the lack of awareness regarding dos and don’ts of pregnancy.


We use to believe so many irrelevant myths related to pregnancy because most of the time they are conveyed to us by our parents or dear ones. But that’s not the fact. One of the most common myths is that pregnant women should take rest and should not work. In reality, it is suggested by top doctors that a woman can do her regular jobs with all ease and that would further be helpful in keeping the mother and the baby healthy. Of course, a lot of precaution is needed.

The second such myth is that delivery should be normal. Our society actually marks those women weak or timid who willingly choose to go for C-sec. Don’t you think it’s an individual’s right to decide what suits them and what difference does it make in the happiness of having a baby by C-sec or normal delivery? Ultimately the aim is to have a healthy and happy Baby. But this is the reality.


Sonia’s book ‘Baby on Board’ is a must-read for every mother-to-be because of the personal instinct that this book provides. Sonia wrote this book in a manner that you’ll feel you are talking to your best friend and she is definitely giving you a bit of well-researched advice. She shared all her fears, anxiety, and struggles that she had throughout her pregnancy. It will calm and at the same time impart knowledge to all the moms-to-be.

The unique and best part about ‘Baby on Board’ is that the author has not neglected the father-to-be as our society does always. This book can be read by Men as well to know how they can contribute and make this whole pregnancy process a better experience for their wives. There is a reason why it is normally said that a baby further strengthens the bond of a married couple. Go grab this book to know the answer.

You can gift this book to any couple who are expecting or planning to conceive. Trust me they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives.



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