Yours Legally


Have you ever been to court or do you have any idea about the legal proceedings ??


Yours Legally is a collection of six short stories written by author Sonia Sahijwani. This was a great book being debut work by the author.


First of all, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and aptness of the cover of this book as well as the title. The title is self-sufficient to give an insight into what this book is all about to the readers and the black cover with a hint of white is like icing on the cake.


This is the story of a young girl Sia who just completed her graduation in Law. She does not have any family background in this profession and hence sets out on her journey to explore new opportunities and to learn from new experiences that this field of Law has to offer. The protagonist is really confident and determined with her approach towards her career and shares a few of her experiences from this journey.


There are stories of property cases and family separation in court along with the experience of Sia when she visited jail for the first time (of course not for wrong reasons). These stories will feel personal to you as they are not at all exaggerated and neither does the author has used any decorative language to make these stories look fancy. They are true and raw in their own way. That is what I really loved about this book because we all have already seen so many court scenes in movies or series and no one can disagree with the fact that they are literally overdramatized and are no way closer to reality. My favorite story from this book is where the author has presented the experience of Sia when she got the opportunity to visit jail for some of her professional work. I was amused by the description of real jail. It was not as bad as it is presented in Bollywood movies. It was clean and well organized with all the basic amenities available for the prisoners.


This is a perfect book for youngsters who are willing to join this profession or people who are already into it. This book does not talk about all the intricacies and details of the profession but will provide an outline of how things work in this industry. Every other person who wants to know a little bit about Law and court proceedings should definitely check this book out.

I would recommend everyone to read this book for once, it’s a short but refreshing read.



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