Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Family

How would the world be like if society starts accepting daughters-in-law as a daughter?


“Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism” written by Chirasree Bose is the story of the only daughter-in-law of the Basu family, Mrs. Arpita Basu. She is a vamp to her mother-in-law, completely inexistent to her father-in-law an almost nothing to her husband Akash Basu. Apart from all this, Mrs. Basu’s most important feature is her not so good understanding between her head and tongue inside her mouth. She can literally speak her head out at the most inappropriate time and that will literally make of hold your stomach and laugh for hours. Her world turned upside down when her dark past comes face to face with her and her husband disappearing with no signs of coming back. Is there any relation between Mrs. Basus’s past and the disappearing of her husband, or is it just a coincidence??


This book talks about the unanswered past, mysterious present, and future journey of Mrs. Basu in the most hilarious way. The story starts with the introduction of Mrs. Basu’s family, her in-laws and her husband. Mrs. Basu’s narration of her own life story will leave you laughing. She as usual tries to become that perfect daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law still continues to pinpoint every single mistake of her in the most typical way. Sounds like Ghar-Ghar ki Kahani, isn’t it? But trust me it’s nothing like that. The whole plot revolves around the customs, traditions, and cultures of West Bengal and you’ll just love the detailed description of this part of India.


Author Chirasree Bose has talked about certain significant loopholes of our society and marriages and yet her humorous way of writing will not let the readers feel anything heavy in their head. It’s just like how we teach major life lessons to children in the most polite and simplest way possible with some fun activities or stories. This book is a mirror to all those people who believe that a women’s capability to make her marriage successful lies in how well she is in fixing up her man’s character. But why? Is she a nanny to your son?? If you believe that your son is having a problem, try to find a solution to that instead of getting him married and transferring the burden to a completely unknown girl so that you have someone to blame for your son’s failure in the future. Half of the life you are asked to focus and be dedicated to your studies and then suddenly the decision of whether you can work or not relies upon the consent of your in-laws.


These are a few of the things that this book incorporates. You should definitely read this book if you want to know how can one talk about sensitive issues in a humorous way. This book is a perfect read for both beginners and all-time readers.

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