Our Love Story

“If your love is pure and genuine, it will always be your strength and not weakness”

‘Our Love Story’ by Rohit Sharma is the story of Veronica and Aditya. This love story talks about the purest form of love and sacrifices. Veronica Jacob is struggling to establish her career as a model in Mumbai and is losing all the hopes after witnessing continuous failures. Aditya Bakshi on the other hand is the son of a rich business tycoon, who lives his every day as if it’s the last one. He always has a great bright smile on his face, nobody knows what he is trying to hide behind that happy-go-lucky image of his. Two different personalities and two different scenarios, it’s interesting to see how they happen to cross each other’s path.


The story starts with Veronica standing on the edge of the parapet, completely hopeless about her future, and losing all the strength to fight against the unfortunate destiny and failures. For her, the last way out to end all her sufferings and the guilt that she cannot become a helping hand for her mother who is single-handed handling her family is to end her life and offering all her pain and disappointment to the dark waves of Arabian sea. That is when an Aditya, an average looking guy with a bright smile and guitar on his back arrives there. For a person like him, who values his life so much, it is impossible to be a mere spectator of someone wasting that gift of life so easily. He lends a helping hand to save veronica from all her miseries. Little did they know what their hearts were planning for them.


‘Our Love story’ is an emotional journey of two souls who have to sacrifice a lot to make their love strive. This story will make you laugh and cry at the same time. It will make you go in awe of how love can be so unconditional and pure. This is a tale of friendship, love, sacrifice, struggles, heartbreak, and hope. While reading this book you can literally imagine each and every incident as if it’s happening in front of you. You’ll feel the smiles and sorrow of the characters as if they are personal to you. The narration and language of this book are complementary to the plotline. Each and every emotion is narrated with full authenticity and is capable of touching hearts of readers.


This book is a must-read for every romance lover and also for people who want to experience unconditional love. This story will make you understand and believe that love is one powerful emotion that can turn impractical into practical.

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