“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Dr. Wayne Dyer said these meaningful words and they started making more sense to me once after reading “Colorblind” by Aditya Chowdhury


‘Colorblind’ is a dystopian fiction that will tell you that your only truth is the one color you see. It is a world where people are born with the ability to only one color throughout their life and everything else is black and white for them. This is normal and if someone is able to see more than one color, he is treated as abnormal and government personals keep a proper check on this disease and segregate them from normal society so that the diseased person cannot influence others. How would life be with only one color?? How seeing more than one color can be disease??


The main protagonist of this story is Lohit. He is red, which means he can see only red color and every other color as black and white. He didn’t have any problem with that. He was a proud red and a proud conservative as well. He lives with his parent, has few good friends, works in a factory, and living a very normal life. There is just one dream that bothers him every now and then but he always finds himself unable to make any sense of that dream. On one random day, he got to see a girl named Anjum on Bus stop, and little did he know that his life was going to change upside down.

After a mysterious incident when he had no one to trust and his family and friends turn all against him, Lohit was left with no other option than to decipher his dream that keeps on bothering him from the past to search for the answers he wants. But is Lohit really ready to accept those answers?? Why suddenly everyone turned against Lohit??

To know the answers go grab this book.


I have read very few books in this genre and have seen very few Indian authors invest in it. After reading this book I can assure you that the world Aditya has created for his readers is definitely going to question your perspective. Everything that we see is not truth but our perspective of looking at that thing. Our perspective can either set us free or can hold us into lifelong prison. The writing style of Aditya is very lucid and easy to understand and that is why I am recommending this book to everyone. It is definitely a work of fiction but it has as many meanings as one can derive. This boo can hold different values for me and completely unparalleled opinions for others.


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