Roseneath – Gothic Horror

Imagine buying your dream house and you find evil residing there in the darkness. How would you feel??

Roseneath by the author Dana McSwain is a gothic horror. It is the story of Nathan and his wife Georgia. A traumatic incident has left Georgia fragile and pushed her into depression. Being a caring and loving husband, Nathan decided to do whatever it takes to make Georgia feel better again. He bought a 100-year-old house, Roseneath which cost him a fortune. They were completely unaware of what Roseneath is holding for them in surprise. As days passed by, Georgia continued living in her peculiar way but she found her solace in Roseneath in the form of a ghost of one murdered child in the old attic. She started feeling maternal instincts for that ghost girl, Edie, and was really afraid of losing her totally unexpecting the severe unusual events. The couple was unaware of the evil lurking from the basement of Roseneath, which was the sole part of the house.


There is a lot that I want to talk about this book but a bit concerned about not giving any spoiler. The whole story is set in the backdrop of war between evil and the good and the depiction of inner unrest of Georgia, Nathan and Edie give deep psychological perspectives to the story. Character portrayal was done in a staggering manner. Georgia’s character is sketched with all the intricacy and pureness. The disturbance in her mind and soul and the love in her heart will make the readers feel for her. Nathan is also shown as a very protective and supportive husband. The relationship between Nathan and Georgia provides a sustainable base to this unsettling horror story. The character of Edie took me by all surprise and I was completely amused for sympathizing with the ghostly character. Creepy, Isn’t it?


I was taking pleasure in the lyrical narrative style of Dana McSwain. In the beginning, it felt like how can such lyrical narration craft a haunting story. But as I continued flipping pages, I found the same narration to be capable of sending chills down my spine. What didn’t work for me was the pace of the story, at some part, it was really fast as if it felt like something is leaving behind and for some parts, the pace became really slow than required. Also, the narration for those parts where the characters were having conversations with their inner turmoil could have been more crisp and clear because they were sometimes getting really difficult to crack. But all these are my personal opinion in the end.


Lastly, if you enjoy reading the horror genre, You must give this book a try. It is capable of giving you sleepless nights.



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