The Procrastinator’s Mind


Remember, Action today can prevent crisis tomorrow

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We all are aware of this pandemic going on. Everyone is stuck somewhere in their lives both mentally and physically. This unusual sudden change around us has created a block in our minds. We all had so many plans for 2020, few wanted to get their dream college, some have prepared for their dream job, and many of us have planned their next travel destination. But what we all got is online classes and work from home. Our boundaries are now those four walls of our homes.

I remember myself enjoying this work from home thing a lot as I was able to do a lot of other stuff that I was not able to do when I had to go to the office with all that 4 hours of traveling and late-night shifts. Little did I expected that this pandemic will turn me into a procrastinator and this situation that seemed like a blessing, in the beginning, will turn out as a vicious curse.


Thankfully I came across this book ‘The Procrastinator’s Mind’ by author Balivada. This is a must-read book for everyone who wants to do a lot with their 24 hours, make a lot of to-do lists, want to achieve bigger goals and success, but somehow fail to achieve all this and at the end of the day is left with all the gloominess and demotivation around themselves.

Balivada made sure that his book can be the best self-help guide for all the procrastinators and everyone who want to achieve something in their lives. This book explains to you what exactly procrastination is, how procrastinators behave, the reason for procrastination, and how can we do little improvement in ourselves to come out from procrastination and become more disciplined. Most importantly, this book trashes all the myths attached to procrastination. Procrastinators are just Lazy’ is the biggest myth you will ever believe to be true.


This book will tell you how issues such as lack of self-esteem and self-efficiency have a deep impact on your procrastination. These are such minute details about procrastination that we never bother to pay any attention to them. We have seen this, our parents or bosses, they never leave a single chance to curse you for your attitude of delaying your work just by calling you lazy. We do this because we never tried to understand that procrastination has a lot to do with the psychological state of a person, his confidence level, self-esteem, how good he is at work, or his past experiences. Procrastinators don’t procrastinate because they enjoy it, it’s a natural process for them. This book sympathizes with all the procrastinators.


This book is very handy and easy to read because firstly it is well researched and the writing style of the Author is suitable for every kind of reader, whether avid, beginner, or occasional. Secondly, all the learnings and teachings have been summarised in tabular formats for easy understanding and applicability.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone because come on, we all procrastinate.

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