Startups – Your way to success

Do you think that startups are small businesses??


If yes then we are on the same boat as we both are wrong. Before reading this book “Startups – Your ways to success” by Anil Soni, I was having the same understanding that startups and small businesses are one and the same thing. After reading this book, I came to know that there is a huge conceptual and organizational difference between startups, small businesses, and large corporations.


Nowadays every third person wants to start their dream project, especially the youth. There are so many amazing ideas and insights in their mind, that if given the right guidance and support, they can do wonders. This book is one guide that will help you in understanding all the technicalities of startups in the easiest way possible.


Author Anil Soni is a Chartered Accountant, prominent business consultant, and an investment advisor. He has more than 3 years of experience in managing fresh startups as well as the restructuring of existing businesses. This book was supposed to be for his new clients only but eventually, he decided to spread this knowledge publically. The authenticated knowledge that this book possesses is clearly from the experience of the author from his practical judgments so far in this field.


This book is capable of providing you with a roadmap to your dream project. Major chunks of knowledge are divided into small simple steps to make it easy to understand for the newbies. It talks about what resources you need to start, hoe to do the proper research, what should you know about the market and customers, how you should determine the cost of your services or products, and so on.


The language used by the author is very simple and on point. The technical language is tried to be avoided in this book wherever possible to make it legible for every single person whether related to this field or a completely new one. Different pictures and tables are provided to help readers find answers to their questions related to startups. This book is meant to be read by making keynotes and answering every question asked by the author in this book.


I would highly recommend this book to everyone who is willing to start on their own venture.

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