Do you read Hindi books?? Which one is your favorite?


I wanted to read “Dopehri” by Pankaj Kapur after all the hype it was gaining and the urge to read this book became stronger when I came to know that it was originally written in Hindi and then translated into the English language. I was looking for a really short book to again start with Hindi books as it has been around 7-8 years that I haven’t read any of them. I was definitely not proud of that and so I am here after reading this cute little book.


First thing first, I really loved the cover of this book and how compactly it is designed. It is barely of 80 something pages and a really light and delightful read. This book holds the story of Amma Bi, a 65-year-old woman, living alone in her huge Laal haveli. There was something disturbing that use to happen every day at 3 pm in laal haveli leaving Amma bi really uncomfortable. She was really afraid by the presence of someone, every day, at the same time. This fear was killing her daily. Despite having a son, daughter-in-law, and a grandson, the cunning pain of loneliness was tearing her apart daily. Whenever she will ask her son about his returning from abroad, there was always that unsaid denial on the other side of the telephone. To get rid of her loneliness and this 3 pm horror guest, she even traveled in the direction of old age homes but luckily did not fall in that trap. Things changed upside down when Amma bi agreed to let out a portion of her haveli to Sabiha, the new tenant. Amma Bi got a companion in Sabiha and Sabiha felt blessed for the motherly instinct of Amma Bi.


‘Dopehri’ is not only the story of Amma Bi but many old age people who are abandoned by their children. Reason can be anything, the fulfillment of their own dreams, great career opportunity, or sadly when their parents become a burden for them. When at the age of retirement, old age people crave the warmth and love of their family, they are left behind struggling for survival.


This book was very short and sweet read with some real heartbreaking moments here and there but still it didn’t work for me. I loved it, but definitely not worth the hype. The emotions that this book was trying to convey somehow failed to resonate with my thoughts. The narration also felt a bit dry in feelings. Anyways this was my personal experience with this book. I might have some serious issues with all the hyped books. God knows!

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