The Strange Encounter


“Love is never unwanted. There is always a secret need for love in every individual’s heart, however hard he may try to deny”



Have you ever met someone and felt like you guys can’t get along but somehow they became a very important part of your life??


‘The Strange Encounter’ is a romance fiction and debut work of Duriya Kasubhai. This book will introduce you to the charismatic love story of Mabel and the stranger. Mabel being police recruited in Leicester, never ever thought in the wildest dreams of her that her life will cross path with a stranger and things will change forever. Mabel is an independent and confident girl and fully dedicated to her job. She is beautiful, lovable, and passionate about her work and life. Curious to know how did the spark took place between Mabel and that stranger.


The story starts with Mabel and her friends heading on their temporary assignment of following a politician’s wife and ensuring her safety. While doing her temporary job one fine day she came across a stranger with literally no knowledge that he is going to be her future employer and no matter how many commitments Mabel had in her hand, she cannot deny the job proposal of that Stranger. Everything was going great. Mabel was excited and determined about the new responsibility that she had been allotted but there was one thing that was constantly disturbing. The presence of her new employer always influences Mabel in certain uncomfortable ways. She always felt that her normal existence is being invaded yet she feels a hint of warm emotions in her heart. It was really exciting to witness how this story unfolds itself.


Being a debut work, it’s really commendable how Duriya has managed to present this story in an exciting and fresh manner. The plot as a whole was a little bit expected but the narration was continuously making the excitement on high. Every character in this book, along with the protagonists had their own description and a proper reason behind such characterization. Few things that didn’t work for me were, I felt that the story was dragging itself at a few places which could have been eradicated by a little bit of editing and omission here and there. Also, few situations were kind of repetitive and others, where proper description and picturization could have been done, were left flat. These are my personal opinion and may vary from readers to readers. Altogether, this book will certainly not disappoint romance lovers and definitely worth your time.




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