We Should All Be ‘Feminists’

Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings



If you will ask me what is the shortest book that I have read so far which is thoroughly thought-provoking and insightful, this will be that one book. I was amused by the sagacious offering of this book, that too in just 48 small pages. It offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century via a personal, eloquently argued essay, adapted from one of the most admired Tedx talks of Author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


It becomes more important because it portrays feminism in its original sense. The word ‘feminist’ is often confused by hating men, thinking only women should be in charge, hating bras, makeup, and whatnot. It carries heavy baggage of negativity and hatred. But the reality is completely in contrast. Feminism is a simple word that means the belief in social, economical, and political equality of sexes. So that means boys can also be feminists, right? and so the title of this book, “We Should All Be Feminist”. 


Now, why the concept of feminism is required, or why we all should be feminists?? This is because we have clearly evolved over time, but our ideas of gender have not evolved very much. Earlier were the days when men use to rule the world, only because that time required physical strength as a key attribute for survival, and no doubt, men are designed in such a way and gifted with all those hormones that impart and enhances their physical strength. But in today’s world, one who is more intelligent, knowledgeable, creative, and innovative is completely sufficient for taking the charge and these attributes do not demand physical strength. Anyone, of any gender, if capable, should be given the top positions and charges. But, since this is not the scenario in the practical world, and so feminists are required.


As said earlier, that feminism carries heavy negative baggage along with it because of the presence of ‘pseudo’ feminists elements in our society. When feminism is a belief of gender quality, how can it talk about discouragement of another sex (male)? As they say, half knowledge is even more dangerous than no knowledge, and that is the case here. Without understanding the true essence of feminism, still claiming to be a feminist, clearly ignoring the main ground of feminism, that is equality, is nothing but an anti-social act. This will not provide benefit to anyone, rather will gradually eradicate the social etiquette and culture inculcated inside us, and who knows, it might result in the punishment of someone innocent on the ground of feminism (pseudo).


I will request everyone to read this book at least once, or listen to the TEDx talks, but please get complete clarity about these matters before making any judgment or taking any action.

Make this world a better place to live, together!


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