The art of influencing project success

How is your work-from-home going guys??

If you’ll ask me, I would say it was really awesome in the beginning. It felt like this was the one thing I wanted to happen for so long. But as the days passed by, I started missing my office so much. Of course not because I loved seeing that pumpkin face of my boss every day, but the continuous mail notifications, zoom meetings, conference calls were getting on my nerves. It was hell problematic to communicate and coordinate remotely on call.

If you feel the same about work-from-homes then you might enjoy this book as much as I did.


The book, “The art of influencing project success” by author Nicholas Ferguson, is truly a helping hand in such adverse pandemic situations. We all are aware that how much the economy and the businesses have to suffer due to the present Covid situation. Big multinational organizations were still having all those infrastructures and means to shift to work-from-home culture, but the small businesses suffered a lot. Even if somehow they managed to set up everything for work-from-home culture, it became really challenging for managers and top level management to coordinate with their subordinates and to manage and maintain the project growth.


This book provides practical tips and tricks that can be adapted by every organization, especially small businesses, and would really prove to be beneficial. This book not only talks about the adverse effects of a pandemic on business and how to come out of that but, also talks about how to analyses your business environment, how to calculate the opportunities and threats that is present in the outside environment, and how a business can utilize the opportunities and avoid the threats by making a better combination of their internal strength and weaknesses.


This book can be really helpful for all the working personals and businesses. A practical book with some real-life experiences translated into tried and tested business strategies.

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