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Hello Guys! For today’s author interview episode, we have Nicholas Ferguson, the author of ‘The art of influencing proect success’



So, Niholas, Tell us something about you and your book.
I love the Law of Attraction work from Abraham-Hicks.  Nine months, to the day of sitting in the hot-seat at an Abraham-Hicks seminar, I was writing the final chapters of the book.   The perspectives I share throughout the book come from the expanding awareness that started for me shortly before that hot-seat conversation
That is great. From where did you get the idea of writing this book?
As I mentioned in Question 1, the perspectives come from the expanding awareness and the bridging of concepts that Abraham-Hicks started in me during that hot-seat experience.  As this knowledge solidified in me more and more a book about applying the concepts of deliberate creation to project and people management made the most.  I want to follow up with several others too.
Well, Nicholas, how was your journey with this book ???
Beautiful.  I loved the experience.   I used the Author Incubator service to help create the book.  Their process worked perfectly for me and allowed the concepts and words to flow from me with ease and great pleasure.  I loved finding a voice and sharing these perspectives.  It was and is great fun.
It’s good to hear that. Did you face any rejections relating to this book??
Absolutely.  The concepts I write about are new and divergent from many perspectives.  They are unsettling to some and those people have been loudly and critical.  I choose to focus on the clarity of my understanding and positive feedback over rejection.
That is a wonderful approach. What are the other things that you enjoy apart from reading and writing?
I love to paint with oil pastels, meditate, practice yoga, and learn technology.  I also have a son and little dog that both are massive aspects of my life.
Oh, that is great! Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with negative feedback?
I do.  I appreciate negative and positive feedback with a distinct preference for the latter.  I know not every student is ready for every teacher nor is every teacher right for every student.  I can gain as much clarity from the negative feedback as I can from positive with the writing perspective.  I’m learning not to be offended by it and refocus on what is wanted.
Loved the way you are accepting all the negative aspects of your journey. What do you want to say to your readers?
I appreciate the time and focus you’ve put into reading my words and trying to understand the concepts I explain. There are contact details in the ‘Thank You’ of the book. Please reach out if you have any questions.  There is great love for you.
Well thankyou so much Nicholas, wish you all the good luck for your book and hope to read more from you in future.
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