Silent Words

“What is it that makes us great? The art of being humble, being humane”

Poetry’s are a bit tricky as they require analysis. Readers can get pleasure from poetry by reading, thinking, discussing, and ultimately understanding it. But then there are some poems that don’t require a lot of engagement and are capable of imparting the knowledge with the combination of most simple words. ‘Silent Words’ is a collection of such 25 short poems that will pluck the strings of your heart to the highest pitch without making your mind burn those extra calories while interpreting and making sense of all those metaphors.


The author, Nishant Gang has very beautifully wrapped up his emotions, feelings, lessons, and experiences in a lyrical world of words where every line follows the rhythm of life, love, passion, friendship, and new beginnings. These 25 poems are short and will hardly take more than half an hour of yours. still, the lines are so power-packed that you’ll feel a shortage of words while describing this lyrical beauty.


Sharing a few of my favorites from the book ‘Silent words’

“Time and tide wait for none,

it’s a fire which lives while everything burns”


“Aim for respect nt just wealth,

experience speaks, I have dealt”


The poems in this book are bout the importance and value of time, patriotism, self-love, and self-worth, self-less love, how words possess the characteristics of friend and enemy both, and much more. This book will tell you how important it is to sometimes have distance from the whole world and listen to your inner voice, your silent word. This will tell you about your negligence and reluctance towards love and humanity due to the struggles and glamour of today’s world. We all are somewhere lost in this sparkling world which is continuously extracting our moral values from us.


I was amused and taken aback by the simplicity and yet the maturity in the author’s writing. One can feel lost in those lyrical lines, one after the other. I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

You must try this book out if:-

1. You are a beginner and want to experiment with the poetry genre, as the writing style and language used are comfortable to interpret and understand. Hence, enjoyable.

2. You enjoy reading poems that hold certain practical values to it.

3. You are looking for a short and valuable read.

4. You are looking for that relaxing read in between those fatty books or tedious deadlines.



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