Lift Me Higher

Every child is special and unique and the childhood phase is rather more special because it is further going to decide how that kid will become after growing up. We have heard it a lot many times that the mind and heart of children are like a clear canvas. It will reflect the colors and patterns that we sketch on them. Therefore, it is very important for the parents and society to keep a check on what we are feeding to our children but we all have to accept it that many of the times we fail miserably. We try to impose and pressurize them to accept the learnings and ways that we have derived from our life experiences and thereby restricting the creativity of their minds and forbid them to experience their life on their own terms.

“Lift me higher” is a collection of short poems, divided into eight chapters, specially designed to be useful for children. There are poems about crazy dreams, money, life, love, family, goals, creativity, power of belief, and more. The author has composed the whole book in the easiest language possible with no heavy or confusing meataphors. While reading this book I felt like I was reading the poems from my school textbooks but definitely there was no compromisation when it comes to the quality of poems. They were written keeping in mind what information we lack to (or need to) provide to children in order to make them more reliable and help them realizing and fulfilling their dreams while having all the moral values intact. This book is a perfect example of how children’s literature should be. It should help the child to think beyond the societal boundaries, inspires them to dream, and the importance of good personal values.

While reading this book I found some poems to be less conclusive, and they ended very abruptly. I loved the matter of the poems but maybe as an adult, I was expecting a lot. With that, I am concluding that this book is great for school-going children as it will help them to experiment and experience on their own. This book is definitely not suitable if you are looking for poems loaded with metaphors and more sensitive matters.



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