The Grainy Days In Madras

Ivan Doig has rightly said that ‘Childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul’. The memories of childhood are the ones that get carved on our mind and soul and stay with us forever. It is these childhood memories that define how that individual will become after growing up. Childhood is like the base of our multi-storeyed building of adulthood, aspirations, and dreams. That is why it is very important to have a good childhood filled with lots of learnings, experiences, and happy moments. But as it is said that everyone deserves to be happy, no one provides a guarantee for a happy life.

‘The Grainy Days In Madras’ by Janani Vasudevan is the story of a young, beautiful and charming girl Yara. She is the only daughter of her parents Nadirah and Dev. She is very fond of reading storybooks and she started reading from the age of five. Her reading speed gradually increased and after some time she was able to finish the whole book in an hour. Seeing their baby girl’s interest in books, her parents and grandfather bought her so many books that within some time her room gets converted into a mini-library.

The story starts with giving a backdrop of Yara’s parents and grandfather. Dev is Hindu and Nadirah is Muslim and they had an inter-religion marriage for which Dev’s family never approved and so Yara has this little family of Dev, Nadirah, and Nadirah’s father. Everyone loved Yara a lot especially her grandfather. Everything was going great. Yara started going to school and gradually started having her own bitter-sweet life experiences. She was an intelligent and bright kid and could have achieved a lot, but life had something else planned for her. The occurrence of a few unfortunate events completely transformed Yara as a person and she started indulging herself in everything wrong. She started losing all her loved ones. But, why all this was happening to Yara? who is to be blamed for Yara’s suffering?

The writing style of the author is very lucid, raw, and natural and has a very great storytelling quality. I loved reading the whole book filled with emotional and sensual moments. One thing that I felt was at few places the narration could have been more polished or maybe some extra editing could have done more good to this book.

You might like this book if you enjoy easy language and lucid narration along with an attention-grabbing storyline



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