Freefall – A collection of writings

“Freefall” by Prachi Prangya Agasthi is a collection of poems and prose that spread across the emotional dilemma, love, and heartbreaks. This book will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings. I have read ‘Dearest Love’ by Prachi, a few times back. The theme of both the books somehow felt the same to me but the content in both is really different.


Freefall is a state from where it seems difficult to pull oneself back. While reading the book, at certain parts of the book and instances, you will feel a rush of emotions inside making you fall unconsciously into some secluded space from where it will be quite effortful to regain yourself.


The efforts of the author while composing this book are visible right from the title, to the cover, and the content. I absolutely loved how the cover design of this book, it is very well complimenting the matter and the title of the book. Arrangements of all the poems and short writings felt random in the beginning but once moved forward with this book, there is no looking back and your heart and soul will feel replenished. The whole presentation felt fresh and unique to me.


The vocabulary used in this book is rich but the writing style is pretty lucid and convenient to read. If you face a problem with rich vocabulary then you might feel heavy while reading it otherwise, it is just a 90+ pages book suitable for a quick and short read.


I would recommend this book to you if:

  1. You enjoy reading poems and short musings
  2. Poems with rich vocabulary and metaphors fascinate you
  3. You resonate with the feelings of love, heartbreak, rebound, and emptiness



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