Mindset Mentors

Do you find reading motivational quotes useful??

If your answer to the above question is yes then you might feel like getting your hands on this amazing book “Mindset Mentors” by the author R.W. Roth. This book contains various quotes by top people of their respective fields like Sports, Film and TV, Music, Business, Writers, etc.

We all are aware of the importance of a positive mindset. Mindset is a significant element contributing to your success. A healthy and positive mindset acts as a fuel for igniting all the other factors necessary for achieving your desired goals.


I was having reservations about this book initially as it is quite unique and different from all the mainstream non-fiction that I have read so far. But to the contrary, this particular book felt the most reliable to me and my thoughts were easily resonating with this book.

This book is like a daily dose of motivation or you can even read it as a part of your morning motivation rituals. After all who doesn’t like to start their day with an epitome of positivity that will keep you moving forward for your battle throughout the day.


The effort made by the author is visible through the systematic arrangements and classification of quotes from top Leaders, Scientists, Actors, Sportspersons, etc; and who knows, you might find quotes from your favorite mentors as well. It’s a completely distinctive and overwhelming idea of compiling quotes from various leaders and achievers, across the time frame.

This book will tell you the importance of how having a positive mindset during adverse life circumstances can be beneficial in achieving the desired results and success. I started reading random quotes from this book, and it really kept me motivated and uplifted throughout the days.

I would highly recommend this book if you search for good quotes to get that dose of daily motivation. It will be your personal collection of highly powerful quotes from all the time to get you going.



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