The Kite Runner

If you have to read only one book to understand the power of literature and storytelling, this is definitely that one book.


How would you react if you come to know that whatever you were believing yourself to be like was nothing but just some sort of illusion??

I encountered something similar to this while reading ‘The Kite Runner’. This book was on my shelf from the starting of this year and as usual, I was giving my excuses not to read this gem. Deep down I was aware of Khaled Hosseini’s capabilities of affecting my heart and soul. To be very honest I was not ready for such an emotional roller coaster ride that is devastating, destroying, and heartbreaking.

It was recently when I kept aside all my reservations and prepared myself for the emotional journey that ‘The kite runner’ was going to take me through. The heart-warming, emotional, and serene story of Amir and Hassan taught me a lot and showed me the mirror of truth that I was possibly ignoring for a long time.

This is the story of two Afghani boys, Amir and Hassan. This is the story of friendship, family, acceptance, love, regret, guilt, and redemption. This is the delicate presentation of a painful story of failure and cowardice. On one side Khaled will be weaving a heartfelt story for you and on the other, he will be introducing an Afghanistan that was free from all the terror and Taliban. A prosperous and happy one, just like any other country. It was difficult and almost impossible for me to even imagine this Afghanistan that once existed with all its glory. This was just one of the factors contributing to the beauty of this book.

I always believed that we should never judge anyone because we might not be aware of all the facts and figures and prevailing circumstances. We might make our judgment on the basis of only one-sided information available. I thought I am quite competent in inculcating this practice in my daily behavior as well. But my belief shattered, and the realization hit me hard that I failed to transform my thoughts into my acts. I judged the character of Amir. I thought he is bad, that too at the very beginning of the story. I was expecting a twelve-year-old kid to take the responsibility of all the truth and be courageous when being an adult, I myself failed to assess the fear, pain, and innocence of a child. I forgot that there is nothing good or bad, it’s just the situation and an individual’s perception.

Like this, there were so many instances in the book where you will be forced to rethink your internal beliefs and value system. Hosseini’s narration and storytelling style are completely raw, without romanticizing any incident, presenting all the emotions in their honest form possible. That is why he is one of the most favorite authors of mine. Only his fictional stories can restructure your non-fictional perceptions about the human race, society, love, friendship, and relationship. He possesses the power to direct your mind and soul simultaneously towards becoming at least a good asset to society.

This is definitely not the regular book review but my chains of emotions and thoughts that I felt while reading this beautifully crafted masterpiece.



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