‘Awaken’ by Ryan K. Wallace

Do you enjoy reading dystopian work? Which one is your favorite?

‘Awaken’ by Ryan K. Wallace is the first book in the “Jeremy black saga” which deals with two spectacular genres like dystopian and science fiction. The plot is based on the prosperity and growth of Providence after the last great war while others are still struggling for mere survival. Terrorists show a fair share of interest in Providence due to their highlighted growth and development. Security is definitely a matter of concern for the Providence government.

The plot of this book starts with a mission to ensure the safety of the president of Providence from the evil plans of terror groups during the celebrations of Concordia. The protagonists of the story, Miss Katie Hatten and Jeremy Black take the lead of the mission. Will they be successful in their mission? What will happen if this mission fails? How will it impact Jeremy and Katie?

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Belonging to the dystopian genre, ‘Awaken’ possesses that natural quality of having as many interpretations as there are readers. For me, the plot was quite relatable to the corruption and exploitation going on in the current world. People in powerful positions mostly indulge in taking undue advantage of their positions. The use of different technical kinds of stuff like artificial intelligence, systems, and software makes the plot more delightful for the readers. The overall narration and writing style of the author is easy to comprehend. In the beginning, the story feels like moving at a very slow pace but it speeds up after few chapters. The dialogues dealing with past and present scenarios simultaneously were a bit confusing initially but felt intentional and will keep the readers hooked to the book. The ending is a bit suspicious and raises a lot of unanswered questions and hence I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the “Jeremy black saga”.

Considering the above factors, I believe this book will be enjoyable for you if:

  1. You enjoy reading books from the dystopian or science fiction genre.
  2. You want to explore the above genres, as the language is easy to comprehend.
  3. You enjoy the plots that include suspense, adventure, and thrill.
  4. You like books with strong character development and intense plot.

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