That’s True I Love Her

Do you think that LGBTQ people have gained full tolerance and acceptance in society??

“That’s true I love her” by Priyanka M.A. Singh is the story of Ammara. It is a journey of self-realization and self-acceptance. This book is an LGBTQ romance novel spread across the lands of Hyderabad and Thailand and mainly throwing some light upon LGBTQ acceptance and tolerance in Indian society.

Ammara is passionately dedicated to her work and lives in Hyderabad. She is in a relationship with Raghav for the past few years, but gradually they both have started facing issues in their relationship, which in my belief is because they both messed up equally, no one to be blamed single handedly. Finally one day after a heated argument, they broke up, and getting over this breakup was becoming hard for Ammara. That is when her parents surprisingly planned a family trip to Thailand, and nothing remained the same after that.

First thing first, though belonging from romance genre, this book can be a perfect option to satisfy the hunger of the travel monster inside you. The description of Thailand was so beautifully done that I actually could imagine all the scenic views in front of my eyes as if I was there physically. The author picked up on very minute details which will make it a wholesome experience for the readers.

We all are aware of the struggles of LGBTQ people for respect, acceptance, and equality in society and the author dealt with such a sensitive topic with all the maturity. This book holds true human emotions of love, heartbreak, flaws, loss, regrets, and self-acceptance. Sometimes it’s harder to accept ourselves and so we try obtaining validation from others. This book will tell you that love is never a hindrance or an obligation or something that should be reciprocated every time. Love is a feeling that provides you the freedom to think beyond the binderies and take a stand for your happiness. It will help you in accepting flaws and imperfections and will give you strength.

I liked the fact that there was no crap content in name of love and romance. Vocabulary used for the book is also average making it beginners friendly. The narration of this book is very flowy and you won’t be able to stop yourself from flipping pages. The author has incorporated the right amount of suspense and twists to engage the readers till the end. Character development was really good. Along with the protagonists, the side characters were also given equal importance and individuality. I won’t say that the writing style was very unique but it had everything to make you connected to the characters and the story, which is something that should be ultimately achieved.

Eagerly waiting for the next book in this trilogy to see how destiny further unfolds for Ammara.



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