‘The Blue Q’ – The world as I see it

How about reading a book that can take you to another world and give you a perspective that you never had??

“The Blue Q – The world as I see it” by Dennis Avelar is a young adult fantasy novel that will take you to a parallel space dealing with issues like preserving and maintaining natural balance, misappropriation of power and authority, and the fight between the good and the evil. This parallel space is of birds, all kinds of birds from all over the world, which is more advance and equipped when compared to our territory. These fellow beings are supposedly responsible for maintaining the natural balance of mother earth.

‘The Blue Q’ is the story of a teenage orphan, Dioni who wants to explore the world, visit places, learn new things, and desire to experience every adventure that the world has to offer. Little did he was aware of the fact that one unfortunate incident will turn his world upside down and that now all his days are going to be a series of never ending adventures. Dennis started this book with a very beautiful short story where an eagle believed himself to be a chicken for his entire life and remained uninformed of his true identity and potentials. This can be a very important lesson for the readers that we are nothing but the reflection of our own beliefs. The story continues by giving a beautiful insight into this place called Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, which is home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites, and further progresses through the intricacies and peculiarity of the more functional and advanced world  Birds.

Being a debut work, the author has done full justice with the storyline, plot, and characters. Everything from plot development to character development was evenly balanced out. Though being a work of young adult fantasy, the characters and the circumstances were kept practical and natural so that they could feel relatable to the readers. The book is five hundred plus pages and what I really loved is the constructive presentation of the book. The whole big story is divided into smaller chapters which were really helpful while grasping this ocean of Information and keeping a track of it. The narration and the vocabulary were easily comprehensible which further makes the whole reading experience more enjoyable and comfortable. I absolutely loved all the imagination, creativity, and twists and turns in the plot. I have not read anything like ‘The Blue Q’ so far as the story is refreshing and distinct.

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