Joshua N’Gon: Last prince of Alkebulahn

One of the best Science fiction that I have read so far!

If you are already a sci-fi lover or you are searching for that one perfect book to start your journey with the science fiction genre, then this book is definitely the one. We all will agree to this point that the beauty of a story gets enhanced with perfect storytelling and writing talent. Authors who know how to make the words flow in a rhythmic pattern to create a world of magic where the readers can completely get lost will surely give you a memorable reading experience. Needless to say that Anthony Hewitt is one such author.

‘Joshua N’Gon: last prince of Alkebulahn’ written by Anthony Hewitt is the story of four teenagers, Joshua, Mina, Brick, and Zion, drawn out of the cultural substrate that is modern London, unmistakably realistic yet dealing with an incredible situation. The adventure of Joshua gets started from the very first page of the story. The world of Joshua drastically changes from an idle schoolboy lifestyle to a journey full of suspense, thrill, and adventure where he will be learning new skills, developing his abilities, finding his real parents, and stop the ill planning and missions of the Technology Billionaire Kanu Umbekwi, along with his friends. Joshua has a technical device, a wrist cuff that can increase in size, carries ancient African script, and many more fascinating features. This RCT – really cool tool was gifted to him by his real parents mysteriously when he turned ten.

The whole dreamy sequence was an add on to the whole magical experience of the story. One can easily find themselves getting absorbed in the battle of good against evil. Talking about the narrations and vocabulary, it was easy to understand and well presented to give readers an advance and rich reading experience. Reading this story was like a thrilling experience full of suspense and surprises and really excited to know how this story flows forward. Though Joshua was the protagonist, still all the supporting characters got their fair share in the story. Although I would have appreciated it more if the antagonists were developed as brilliantly as the protagonist. Also, the framing of the plots was a little biased towards the protagonist as the final reward of all the doings of the supporting characters were ultimately transferred to the protagonist. I would have loved it more if the side characters were given their individual rewards and praise too.

So, all the science fiction lovers, go grab this book without even giving a second thought, and yes you can thank me later 😉

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