Do you have skeletons in your closet?

Immediately following book one, “Elephant”, Matt awakens from his coma only to discover that his worst nightmare has come true. His grandmother, Jamie, and Derek have gone missing and his mother murdered his father and grandfather years ago.

After reading the first book, Elephant by Natalie Rodriguez, I was impatiently waiting for the second book and I must say that it is worth the wait. The book starts with Matt waking up from comma. The hospital authorities have placed strict restrictions on Matt that no one can come to visit him. Regarding his grandmother and friends, Matt was convinced that some stranger kidnapped them but no one was ready to believe him and all the hospital authorities were of the view that Matt’s health is further getting worse and gradually Matt is sliding towards an unhealthy mental state.

The concept and theme of this book are in continuation with book one and talk dedicatedly about mental health. Although this story got more refreshing and delightful because of the new characters introduced to the journey of Matt. We all are aware of how mental health is as important as physical health but still the scenario is like we never hesitate to talk to people about our fever or headache but we feel insecure or hesitant to take help or talk to someone when we are not in a goon mental state. It is really amazing to see so many literary works being put forward to make people more and more aware of the importance of good mental health and that how bad mental health can destroy the whole of your life.

The protagonist of this story, Matt, is a teenager. This is the age where we make new friends, have new experiences, decide about which course we want to pursue, which college we want to go to, make plans about our future, and much more. But, poor Matt is dealing with everything in contrast. It’s heartbreaking to see him suffer like this that too where he is not at fault.

If you have read book one – ‘Elephant’ then you should definitely read this one. If you have not, then read both the books because it is high time now that we start addressing the elephant in our rooms.

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Trigger warning:- The whole vibe of both the books is majorly dark which is balanced in between by the hint of the love of family and friendship. Still, if you are someone who is dealing with difficult situations in life or stuffs like hospital, comma, blood, etc, disturbs you then you should probably make a pass at this book for now.

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