I Dreamt of Love

W.H. Auden said it right – “ Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings

“I Dreamt of Love” is a collection of twenty-two soulful poems written by K. Sharronne, M. Katherine Allen, and Sandra Mayer. The majority of the poems are mainly crafted by K. SHarronne only.

How difficult can it be to express our feelings and various emotions that we go through, but still we fail to find ways to vent out those emotions or to speak about them. Don’t you feel that poems can be the best conveyors in such situations?

Talking about ‘I Dreamt of Love’, it is that particular set of heartfelt poems that will talk to you about tons of human emotions, love, sorrow, hatred, loss, friendship, and whatnot. These twenty-two poems are beautifully crafted by the author to connect to your heart. The feeling they impart is so simple yet elegant and surreal that you can’t resist craving more of it. The beauty of this book is that it has that freshness and uniqueness intact to it. My personal favorites from the entire collection will be Walking, Friendship, and charming. I could felt the connection deep in my heart.

This book is a must-have in your collection if you are a poetry person and even if you are not, you must read this book to experience the beauty of poetry. The language is simple yet impactful and is presented in a beginner-friendly manner. This book is a very short read and won’t be too demanding for your time and attention. In fact, it will soothe your mind and soul and will definitely provide warmth to you.

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