Saint & Martyrs

What is your favorite crime novel?

Martin Penny’s “Saint & Martyrs” is a delightful work of fiction for all crime thriller lovers. If you admire the work of Dan Brown, Kate Moss, or Agatha Christie, you are definitely gonna enjoy this book a little extra.

The story starts with PC Allison struggling to adjust to the life of patrolling the streets considering the fact of being a newcomer to the police forces. While performing her role of criminal reconstruction, she got to know about a serial killer having an obsession with saints. Allison along with Jordan follows the clues and soon they come to know that Allison is going to be the next target of the serial killer. Will Allison survive or become the next target of the killer?

‘Saints & Martyrs’ is a fast-paced, crim thriller novel with psychological elements attached to it. The idea behind the plot is refreshing, unique, and exciting, backed up with appropriate research. The way of portraying the whole story was coherent and fluent, where the narration was in the first person. I absolutely loved the way the plot and characters were developed to make the whole storyline more gripping and impactful. It was not at all predictable, at any point in time. The way the author has ended this book is like a cherry on the cake, it is amusing and enthralling. Eagerly looking forward to the sequel.

In my opinion, this book is definitely the book to be on your shelf if you are a murder mystery sucker. Even if you are not one or you are a beginner, you should give this book a try as it is easy to comprehend and just some 200 pages long.

Trigger warning: Murder scenes, Violence, torture, and harassment.

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