R.A.P. Real Ass Poetry. Real Ass Poet.

What do you think is the best, an honest dejection or sugar-coated nonsense?

In today’s highly interconnected world, we got so much into seeking assurance from society that we kept on losing our authenticity. Outer acceptance has become so much important that we consciously subside the concept of self-acceptance.

‘Real Ass Poetry’ by Nisha Simone is one of a kind. More than a book, it seems to be that mentor or friend that we all crave for. The one who is there to praise you for all the good that you have but more than that pinpoints you on all your flows, creating an opportunity of self-growth for you.

I was really excited about reading this book mainly because of the title. I was completely clueless about the book and from the description of it, I had an image that okay fine there are going to be some motivational poems. But to my surprise, this book is way more than that. It took me some time to get into the zone of the book and match with its vibe but when it is done, there is no coming back. As the title says, This book really deals with hardcore reality and no sugar-coated, pleasant words at all. This book will throw you into total discomfort yet feels like home. You will be getting reality checks every now and then so be prepared for that.

Right from talking about rejections, negativity, loneliness, demotivation, this book covers up almost all of your flaws and fears along with guiding you through the path of self-improvement. This book deals with all kinds of human emotions possible and that too with naked reality. Isn’t it something that we all really need. Comforting words might feel pleasant but knowing the exact reality is what we actually look up to for actual development and this book is all about that.

The structure of the book is not like regular poetry books and that is why I said in the beginning that it took me some time to match with the vibes of the book but that won’t bother you and in fact, you will start enjoying it after few pages. The best thing that I liked about the book is that at the end of each snippet, there is a conclusive quote or statement that sums up the entire chapter or we can call it the real crux of that particular topic. These one-liners often felt more inspiring and impactful to me than those entire chapters.

To sum up everything, this is one of those books that I will recommend to everyone. More than motivation and inspiration, this book gives you hope. This will tell you that you are no less than others and that you are capable of doing wonders. The world is waiting to see you flying high with all the vibrant colors and sparkle. SO, without giving a second thought, go grab this book if you would love to read something raw, practical, and honest.


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