SAVIOUR – An Uncommon Tale

Our lives get affected by the occurrence or non-occurrence of various events, whether positive or negative. An event as small as a change in the workplace is capable of putting us into full discomfort. Think about an event that can change your whole world upside down and can even question your existence.

Saviour – An uncommon tale by Sunny Sinha is a fiction novel telling the story of Arya who was not at all aware of how his life is going to change forever. Arya is portrayed as a simple character who connects to everything on a deeper level and cares for other people. There are some other characters in the book, complimenting Arya’s character. One fine day, Arya met with an accident and due to some abnormal mishap, he gains a superpower wherein he can see other people’s future by merely touching them. Interesting, isn’t it? But as they say that a good is always followed by a bad, this superpower turns out to be the biggest curse of Arya’s life. At one point in time, he was happy that he could help other people but apart from that it was really disheartening to get aware of the fact that your loved ones are going to die or meet with some accident real soon.

The plot of this book is distinct but not completely new. Though the imagination level of the author, that too in a debut work, deserves to get praised. Sunny Sinha framed the whole plot in such a way that it connects with the basic reality of our lives yet takes you on an exciting journey. Readers could easily connect with the characters and their circumstances. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the over-exaggeration of certain things at different parts of the book that does not really contribute to the story and could have been cut short easily.

Taling about the writing style of the author, Sunny has done a great job. The plot was developed perfectly and characters were synchronized with it accordingly. Not just the protagonist, but the supporting characters were also enhanced beautifully. The narration was completely raw, simple, and easy to comprehend. It can be a perfect book for beginners.

If you are looking for an exciting, thrilling, and story full of emotions, then this could be a good book.

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