Of Rains And More

One of the many things about this book that amazed me was, it contains poems on almost everything, everything that you can find around yourself, Interesting right?

Poems already have the potential to calm your nerves. It can instantly soothe your soul and enlighten your mind simultaneously. Now, imagine what a blissful combination it would be when nature is mixed with poetry?

Of Rains And More” by Arti P is a collection of poems about rains and almost everything about and around the rain. All the poems in this book distinctly tell that the author is very keen observant and unreservedly aware of her surroundings.

Apart from how exhilarating and reviving rains are, there is always something special about them. Probably amongst every other season, rainy seasons are the only ones that give us the opportunity to stop, unwrap, and connect with ourselves. It gives us the warmth and space to reciprocate to our inner thoughts. Remember those days, when it started raining and despite how occupied you were, you took a minute from your life and went closer to the window to observe the falling water droplets and how these tiny ones are making everything around you more rejuvenating and full of life and hope. No wonders why they say that water is blessed to emit positive energy.

While reading this poetry collection, I was resonating with similar vibrations of life, hope, positivity, period, love, and nature. Right from talking about rain, flowers, mountains, tea coffee, it touched and slammed stereotypical beliefs as well. Simplicity is possibly one of the qualities that can connect to you on a deeper note. It can hit the chords of your heart like never before and that’s the most important attribute of this book.

All the poems of this book feel relatable. Words are simple, poems are easy to comprehend, and definitely one of those books that I will recommend everyone to read. Read to feel relaxed and refreshed.


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