Maybe you should talk to someone

The nature of life is change and the nature of people is to resist change

Reading ‘Maybe you should talk to someone‘ felt like resonating with my innermost feelings and the thoughts that often get neglected. Whenever we pause and take a moment to relax and reciprocate our own sentiments and stances, most of the time we fail to acknowledge our fears and agony, and the worst thing that we can do is tag most of them as immaterial. Those immaterial fears and hidden feelings surfaced at the top of this book. Different strangers, anguishing and suffering, seeking help in the form where they can be heard without being judged and confronted for their authentic feelings is the whole crux of this book.

Non-fiction, written by psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, shares the vulnerabilities and fears of people drowning into melancholy, watching their life slipping away day by day in choked desolation. This will tell you how difficult and destructive our feelings can be and how tricky life is. You will see patients coming with their own set of insecurities, griefs, and resentments. You will witness people getting destroyed, emotionally. But still, you will register hope, hope that we are capable of the fight. We are capable of taking charge of the not so uncomplicated life. Hope that everything is going to be fine, you just have to hang in there.

It throws light upon how therapists restructure their own beliefs and assumptions in order to provide unbiased help and comfort to their patients. Knocking down many of the mental health related beliefs and letting you observe the emotions and thoughts from both sides of the table, this book tells you that accepting your fragility is not a luxury but a necessity and the actuality that the therapists themselves seek therapy when they fall into the vicious trap of feelings, comes as a thumbs up.

It was a delightful read with lots of insights being lodged about fear, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This book made me happy, sad, compassionate, and hopeful. This book challenged me to acknowledge my fears and vulnerabilities and explore my emotions and beliefs and respond to my flow of thoughts in a structured way and yet keeping the air calm and light.

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