Till death we do part by Bruno Beaches

Till death we do part is the story of Pablo, a reputed police officer, approaching his retirement after dedicatedly serving for long years with full honesty and dignity. Pablo’s life is all sorted with a beautiful and caring wife and four loving children. Like any normal person, Pablo also had plans to do things for his wife and children after retirement. But the moment when he was appreciating and being proud of his long marriage and years of services, life unfolded in the most unexpected way. One malicious complaint against Pablo ruined his years of devotion towards his job and the worst, his wife divorced him. Everything that Pablo was proud of, has been crushed beneath the cruelty of his fate.

Heartbreaks, humiliation, and divorces are anyways devastating, imagine facing all this at the age of retirement. Worst, isn’t it?

This book unfolds the life of a policeman, challenges faced by them, and also picturizes the delicate human relationships. Various sorts of human emotions have been dealt with utmost grace and maturity. While reading the book, the depth of pain and suffering of the characters could be felt.

This book talks about how divorces are destructive to a family as a whole and definitely for the people involved. Heartbreaks and betrayal can drain out all the emotions from a human leaving them vulnerable. This story voices all the feelings and sufferings in depth. Even the protagonist’s character development is also done with full precision.

Read this book to endure yourself on a rollercoaster journey of emotions. From the inception only you can feel the attraction and attachment towards the characters and the story. Definitely a wonderful work of fiction.

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