Vitamin H ~ Volume 1

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”

Vitamin H by Abhishek Thakkar is one such book that you can read every morning as a daily routine to get a motivational boost for the entire day. This book consists of one hundred and eleven positive, inspiring, and motivational quotes to keep you going. These are related to happiness, hope, optimism, self-love, healing, etc.

In current scenario, where on daily basis we have to deal with news and instances that are distressing and disheartening, this book works like magic. It is crafted in a way that you can read one chapter a day, analyse that read quote and reflect upon it. This book is a guiding light towards a positive mindset and a meaningful life. The coverage is really vast, It covers almost every area of our lives, touching all our emotions, fears, responsibilities, beliefs, and thoughts. It talks about the spiritual essence and importance of connecting with innerself.

One thing that I really liked about this book is that it flows in a direction. There are not just random quotes binded in a form of book, for that we have google as well. Instead the alignment of all the quotes moves on a particular path of evolution and transformation into a better self. It begins with all kind of positivity, motivation, and optimism. Gradually it takes you to the spiritual values of life and why that is important. In the end it talks about what is the motive of this beautiful life that we have been blessed with. It enlightens you and encourages you to perform your responsibilities towards the society and take initiatives to make this world a better place. It talks about compassion, which is somehow being eradicated from our belief systems and which immediately needs to be revamped in order to save the humanity and the humans. Imagine a world without love and compassion, it will be another hell.

Though this book can be read by everyone, no matter what profession you are from, or whether you like reading fiction or non-fiction. This book is just perfect for everyone but still I would especially like to recommend this to youth and the teenagers, plus the people who like to start their day with beautiful quotes.

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