Acceptance and compassion

Hey guys!

How was your day today?

Mine was pretty usual apart from the exception that I planned to clean and rearrange my books today. Normally I prefer to reserve this task for weekends but today was one of those days when I was kind of being ill at ease. Of course, nothing to get worried about, it’s just that I have so much being served on my plate and that’s abounding, and here I am learning to take in charge of everything and so to begin with I thought of clearing my space and bookshelf to imbibe positivity in my surrounding. (Trust me this trick works, always)

While I was dusting and re-visiting the highlighted and bookmarked pages of the books, something clicked in my mind and I went through my e-book library. I was amazed to read the notes and highlighted texts there. It was as delightful as re-reading the annotations of physical books, feels like revisiting our inexpert self and the reality check that we have evolved so much from our past self is soothing in itself.

Books have always been like that and despite all the stories and places they take me to, books never fail to amuse me on the personal front. Today they enlightened me about acceptance, compassion, and the worth of values and attributes more than the physical appearance. Books never discriminated against us, they were never demanding instead, they always did what they are best at – telling us stories of self and others, taking us to places, giving us a space to escape and comfort to relax. It’s us who judged them by the cover and often discriminated against them for physical appearance, favoring one form of the book over the other. Still, whether it’s a hardcover, paperback, e-book, or audiobook, they keep on telling us the same stories catering to the needs and requirements of various readers. if I try to conclude my random wandering thoughts, this is what I want to convey,

~We can have our own preferences relating to books or a person, but just because we don’t like a particular form of a book or a particular person, that doesn’t give us the right to talk low of them. Judging anyone on the basis of their appearance or outer presentation can never be justified.




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