Vitamin H ~ Volume 2

Like its prequel, the second volume of vitamin H is also a bundle of motivational and insightful quotes with a purpose to educate and elevate the readers. To give you a hint of what this book holds, I am sharing my favorite quote from this book (which I am pretty sure every bibliophile will agree to)

“Home is where the healing begins, It can also be in a person’s arms or in the words of a book”

This book is in continuation of volume one. It follows a similar pattern as volume one. There is one dedicated quote for each day. Quotes are inspirational, spiritual, motivational, and powerful to impart some freshness and sense to your incoming day. The author has written most of the quotes in a lyrical or poetic manner and readers will eventually find themselves relating with most of the quotes.

The objective of both books is to connect with the readers on a profound level. It intends to fill your days and life with optimism and in fact making it a habit and ritual for the rest of your life to practice a positive approach in whatever situation you face. This book clearly says that all days are not going to be happy go lucky and there will be times when you won’t be able to see anything good around you, that is when this book will come to your rescue. It teaches you to not give up, whatsoever the situation is, there will always be a way out. It does not talk about being delusionally positive but instead helps you in dealing with the practicality of life.

Must read for everyone.

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